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Multi-Grip Ergo Handles
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Multi-Grip Ergo Handles
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The new Multi-Grip Ergometer Handles were designed to give Ergometer users more upper body workout options. Basic Ergometer handles are limited to one hand position, limiting the muscle groups that can be targeted in a workout.  The Multi-Grip Ergometer handles give users the option to grip the handle from the top, side or from the bottom.  The Multi-Grip options allow Ergometer users the ability to target multiple upper body muscles groups during workouts simply by changing the position of the hands on the handles.  These handles also provide the Ergometer user a more comfortable grip.  The Multi-Grip Ergometer Handles fit the natural arches of the hand for a more natural grip position.

We tested the Multi-Grip Ergometer Handles with Physical and Occupational Therapists.  Here are just a couple comments we've received from them. 

"I feel that the baseball grips have allowed me to be more creative with treatment options using gentle resistance with patients recovering from shoulder surgeries."

"Placing the hands of patients who are survivors of spinal cord injuries in ergonomically correct positions around the ball grips has enhanced their neurological recovery and improved self esteem in those without grasp patterns."

The Multi-Grip Ergometer Handles will work with any brand of Ergometer.

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