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HandCycle and Sport Stand Manual

HandCycle and Sport Stand Manual

Click on the picture above to see a detailed manual of the musles used in each position, how Trainers use HandCycle with clients and athletes, how it's used during and after athletic competition, how it can benefit in recovery.

Fits right in a dug out or a bull pen.
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TherapyTrainer HandCycleTherapyTrainer HandCycle
Get FREE SHIPPING on the TherapyTrainer HandCycle!    The best upper body trainer on the market! Just ask the San Francisco 49er's, Mississippi State Baseball team, and the Cincinnati Reds!
Get FREE SHIPPING on the TherapyTrainer TherapyCycle!    Highest Quality Guaranteed: The TherapyCycle is the highest-quality mini exercise bike available. You won't find a better bike in the same price range.
DeskCycleDeskCycleBenefits of Exercising at Work

Aside from losing weight, improving their health, and extending their lifespan, people who exercise before or during work are happier, suffer less stress, and are more productive. This was discovered in a study performed by the University of Bristol.

TherapyTrainer Total CycleTherapyTrainer Total Cycle

Get FREE SHIPPING on the TherapyTrainer Total Cycle!    The TherapyTrainer Total Cycle is the perfect UPPER AND LOWER body machine all in one.

Therapy StandTherapy Stand
Adjustable Stand for the Therapycycle and the HandCycle

Easily set the cycle to the exact height you want. Use it with a chair or a wheelchair.

Therapy PackageTherapy PackageThe Therapy Package includes the TherapyCycle, Multi-Grip Ergo Handles, Medical level Foot Pedals, Quick Connects and the 22" Adjustable Leg.
Therapy Stand PackageTherapy Stand Package
This package includes the Therapycycle, Multi-Grip Ergo Handles, Medical Level Foot Pedals Quick Connects and the TherapyCycle Stand.
Medical Level Foot PedalsMedical Level Foot PedalsThese handles place your hands in a more natural position.  Excellent for physical therapy.  The right pedal is shown in the picture above.  The price is for a full set of 2 pedals.

22 Inch Wide Adjustable Leg22 Inch Wide Adjustable Leg
The 22 Inch Wide Adjustable Leg is perfect for the client who may have difficulty with the up and down pedal motion.
Quick Release Multi-Grip Ergo Handle PackageQuick Release Multi-Grip Ergo Handle PackageIf you already have a TherapyCycle or the MagneTrainer and you want to turn it into a Total Cycle this is the package for you. Comes with Multi-Grip Ergo Handles and the Quick Release.
TherapyTrainer Sport Stand TherapyTrainer Sport Stand 

The TherapyTrainer HandCycle with Stand is the perfect upper-body trainer.  The durability and portablity of the stand sets it apart from any other upper-body trainer on the market. 

TherapyTrainer Home Gym PackageTherapyTrainer Home Gym PackageThe TherapyTrainer Home Gym Package comes with the TherapyTrainer HandCycle, The Sport Stand, Quick Connects that let you turn the HandCycle into a mini pedlar with Legs and foot pedals.  This Home Gym Package gives you 2 complete products!
TherapyTrainer HandCycle Sport PackageTherapyTrainer HandCycle Sport PackageTherapyTrainer HandCycle Sport Package is the perfect set up for the Althlete!  

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