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I use this for shoulder therapy. It is a high quality product, the best of those I found online. I am very satisfied.

A fractured ankle shut down my normal athletic pursuits of biking, elliptical trainer, swimming and hiking. Bummer. I needed a plan B. Enter the hand cycle. Put on a headset with workout music and crank away. Solid machine with the goofy baseball handles that are amazingly effective. It's all about the workaround...

This trainer is absolutely great! Not only is this a fabulous machine to workout your forearms, it also is great for a cardio workout. I break a major sweat every time I use this machine for a cardio workout. When I want to work my forearms, I tighten up the tension knob and I get a tremendous burn on my forearms. It also works my triceps and shoulders as well. The tension knob is much better than I anticipated, I have not worked up to the point where the tension knob is fully engaged. I would DEFINITELY recommend this machine to anyone looking for a good cardio or arm workout!!!. Also the baseball grips are very comfortable to use and as you change your hand position on the baseball knob you can feel the different muscles in your arms that it affects. Absolutely a great machine!!!!!!

I really like the Therapy Trainer and the resistance is good and strong as you need it as I do, or you can go lighter. It works very good for me and I bought the extra hand pedals and quick couplings and I'm very glad I did, because I am using it as a UBE I have tread mill and bike, all I wanted was upper body. I would have gotten one that cost more, but the reason I tried this one was getting the optional Hand pedals and they are good for me. It was stronger than I expected, though I was wanting something strong. I give it 5 stars because I think it is a good product and tome worth the price. Probably as good as the one I was considering at $400 .The only reason I did not get it was , the handles and not knowing the optional handles would fit it.

For UBE exercise this "gem" is as good as the $4K stationary exercisers in some physical therapy operations. The exerciser is well made, perfect weighted to stay put while you're using it and it is quiet and smooth.

Nearly fully assembled when you receive it, attach the pedals, 2 bolts for the rear stand and placing a battery in the digital sensor. Packaging perfectly designed to protect the machine.

Have seen similar machines used in nursing homes selling for $400 to 500 that aren't as smooth turning nor as quiet.

Was not sure if this exerciser would meet my needs since I only have one arm, a very bad back, and am prone to falling easily. No worry, it has exceeded my expectations by staying stationary, peddling easily even with the tension tightened, and registering your progress with easy to read data. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone who needs this type of exercise and especially for those with disabilities.
Works quite well for me as I have hip and knee issues so I am quite limited in my cardio-vascular workouts. The unit is compact enough to move freely but provides a nice workout and I great for shoulder rehab.
I ordered the Therapy Trainer and expected a mid to large box. It came in a smaller to mid sized box. It was pretty easy to assemble. Two nuts and a wing screw for the base. The baseball handles also needed to be screwed in but after that the machine is ready for use.
Solid build, SOLID! The grips on the base are excellent at keeping the machine in place. I have it placed on my table top. The forward facing base slides out so the base can be extended. In the photo of the machine here on Amazon the base is pushed all the way into the cycle, but it does slide out further for a more solid platform.
The baseball grips are life size baseballs. The resistance on this machine is impressive. I was expecting a more flimsy resistance but this handcycle has great resistance. The resistance dial is easy to set from light to heavy resistance.
A AA battery display also plugs into the machine or rather the machine plugs into the device. The device has a timer, calorie count and gauges rpms. That is I use it to keep a consistent pace. This device sits atop of the handcycle.
I am a C6 quad with paraplegic attributes and this handcycle was to help with cardio. It has definitely helped with the cardio and the baseball grips depending on how you hold them work out different areas of the arms, at least with me they do. I notice the triceps were burning in position and shoulders in another. Overall the entire arm feels to be getting the workout.
I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a solid handcycle.
We use this for arm motion only and have found it to be stable on our table, with smooth even operation over a very wide range of tensions. At first I thought the baseballs were kind of funky as hand grips, but I have come to love them because they allow me to change my grip position across a continuous range of angles both in forward and backward motion.
After comparing several different devices I picked this one because of the price and the handle type. I really like the baseball handles because they allow for any hand/wrist position. Resistance range is from really easy to reasonably difficult.
High quality product. Well built and will last a long time. My physical therapist approved me being able to use this at home.

I lost the use of my right leg with two failed replacements. The machine at our fitness center where I have been doing my arm aerobics is constantly breaking. I decided to take a chance with the Therapy Trainer. It arrived and I immediately started using it. It is an outstanding piece of equipment. It is very well made with quality materials and the action is smooth. I could not be more pleased with this purchase. I advise anyone who needs either arm or leg aerobics (it can do either) to give this machine a try. And now- I am headed to my basement work out area for a session.

Useful for table top when using for arm exercising. Unless it is clamped down it walks on the table top when the friction is raised. The friction pads slide off the feet and the adhesive can leave marks on a table. When using on the floor for leg exercising, I push the machine up against the wall to keep it in place. It is good from my wheel chair to get my legs moving a little. The balls are great for holding onto with your hands, but not so good for feet. The factory recommended not to regularly switch between the foot pedals and the hand balls, because it wear out the arm threads. I've thought about making a foot pedal that fits over the ball, but just use heavy soled tennis shoes on the balls.

the therapy trainer handcycle worked perfect and was just what we wanted. our handicap child uses it for exercise that she could not get otherwise. it also allowed her to adjust the tension to her strength.

I was hesitant to buy this product. There weren't many reviews on it. There are however, lots of reviews on competing products. These products cost about $50-100, and all of them, based on their reviews, seem to have quality control issues. I have quite a bit of exercise equipment for my home, and like to buy quality equipment (like Hoist and Body Solid) that will last a lifetime.
I decided to take a chance on this handcycle, and I'm glad I did. It is absolutely rock solid. Sturdy components, well designed, and manufactured with an attention to detail. It is very stable and will clearly take a lot of use. The baseball hand grips, while unusual, are very handy, as they allow you to place your hand (and arm/shoulder) in a natural and comfortable position, so as not to strain anything.

I got this to use as an alternative cardio workout, since the rest of my cardio routines/machines are lower body. It does this fine - the adjustment goes from nothing at all to very strong, with quite gradual and continuous increments. As an added bonus, I find it is great therapy for my rotator cuff.
Buy without hesitation. It's worth the price

After breaking my ankle, I wanted to find an arm ergometer trainer that would allow me to maintain some degree of aerobic conditioning, as the club I belong to has no such device. I wanted to find something that had some substance to it, could challenge me, wouldn't take up a ton of space in my home, and would cost under $500. I thought the TherapyTrainer  HandCycle looked a bit odd, with its baseball handgrips, but based upon the very detailed review provided by the first reviewer of this product, I decided to purchase it. I am very happy!
First of all, the product was shipped and received quickly, and assembly of the unit is easy, thanks to the well-written and easily-understood manual. The unit is substantial and it isn't going to be easily pulled or tipped over, like inexpensive hand-operated cycles. The cups on the stabilization bars are grippy and they too help add to the substantial feel of the unit. The baseball handgrips are remarkably comfortable and the ability to change the angle of your grip is an excellent way to work different muscles and not stress your hands and wrists because of prolonged repetitive motion in the same position.
The machine runs very quietly, and I really like it that the tension adjustment is placed directly on the front of the trainer. This allows me to do a bit of circuit training by setting the trainer at a more of an endurance level, but then crank it up to a more difficult tension level for a minute or two, then lower it to the previous setting. After I'm healed, I can see it as being a great addition to a home aerobic-strength circuit workout, which will come in handy when I'm too busy or the weather is so inclement that I can't get out to the gym.
Overall I feel that this trainer is an excellent value for the money, and I think it would be a great addition for anyone's home gym.

I bought this Therapy Trainer to use while my foot is healing from surgery. Prior to the surgery I was an active person (man, mid-thirties) who liked to workout, go to the gym, take cycle spin classes, or lift weights. I was really concerned that during the two month healing process that I would be unable to do any type of cardio exercise. I knew that I would not be capable of going to the gym during my recovery process, so I decided that while I was healing that I needed a hand cycle to keep me active. There are quite a few hand cycles listed on Amazon and other websites. Many of them are not well constructed or do not offer any resistance. I researched different models and decided that at the very least I wanted a magnetic system. I also wanted a product that offered the following: 1) had enough resistance to keep me motivated; 2) had variable resistance depending on how fast I wanted to spin my arms; 3) allowed me to spin my hands with resistance forwards or backwards; 4) was well built; 5) kept track of my progress; 6) was stable while in use; and 7) was somewhat affordable. I also researched buying a full size upper body ergometer (similar to SciFit, Cybex, or Hoggan), but they can be expensive at $2,000 or more. On the hand cycles I researched, I quickly found that there are some really cheap products under $100 and some more expensive products over $1,000. I felt I was willing to spend more money to meet most if not all my requirements. Most importantly I just wanted to stay active.
I ended up buying the Therapy Trainer Hand Cycle and am very satisfied with my experience so far. The system is quiet and allows me to watch television or a movie while I spin my arms. I set the product on a table and spin away. The product does not seem to move while I spin it. The non-slip feet keep it in place. The only way I am able to move the machine is if I am really jerky with my revolutions, which negates the workout anyways. The more circular motion I have in my revolutions, the more efficient I am in my workout.
The resistance is outstanding. The resistance nob needs 6 full 360 degree turns in order to max out. I am currently at 2 ½ turns and feeling it in my arms and shoulders. Sometimes I go up to 3 turns, but that is too much for me after only a few minutes. I started at a resistance of 2 turns and will build up the resistance over time. I doubt I'll ever be able to max the machine out. I was worried I would not have enough resistance, but this product has plenty. Before my foot surgery I lifted weights in the gym about four times a week; therefore, my concern about adequate resistance was reasonable. If you are concerned about resistance too, I don't think you need to be with this product. The tension nob is easy to turn, clicks as you turn it, and has small adjustments so that the resistance can be dialed in. I vary my work out by going forwards and backwards with my motion; and the tension works in both directions.
I generally spin my arms at a rate of 1 revolution per second. Sometimes I go faster if I want to push myself and the product has no issues with my increased spin rate. When I move the resistance up to 3 turns my shoulders and arms burn in no time. I find that I am sweaty after my workouts, which is what I wanted from a hand cycle.
This product is also nice because of the baseball handles. Before I bought the product I was skeptical at first about the baseball handles, but I am glad they come with it. The baseball handles allow me to vary my hand position and grips. I've noticed that different parts of my arms get a workout depending on how I hold the baseball grips. I've also noticed I am able to vary which fingers get a workout, which will help my grip strength. Setup was very simple out of the box. I noticed that they also sell ergo-handles, but I don't think you need them with the baseball handles.
I use this product for 60 minutes with each workout session. I generally try to set goals to use it 60 minutes per day. If I have more time I use it for two 60 minute sessions per day. I've noticed I get a real workout after using the product where my hands, shoulders, and arms are tired. I feel like the product provides a good cardiovascular workout. If I have less time I try to squeeze in a 15 minute or 30 minute session. The product has had no trouble keeping up with me.
The display works okay and shows the following: speed in miles per hour, calories burned, total time, and total miles. I wish that the display showed total revolutions, revolutions per minute, and watts, but these are not big issues to me. The miles per hour and total miles are nice because I try to stay above a certain pace and reach a certain distance during my workout. Calories burned is helpful too so that I know how I am doing. My 60 minute workouts burn more than 600 calories.
Overall I would recommend this product to someone if they asked me about it. Even after my recovery, I'll still use the machine to increase strength in my arms, shoulders, and hands. This product has been really helpful to me during my recovery and I'm glad it helps me stay active.

Outstanding product design, quality, and workmanship. As far as upper body workout it's a good as the products you find in health clubs that can afford the $4k machines. This machine is much quieter and smoother than those tabletop I have seen in Rehab centers selling for $400 to 600. The range of resistance is outstanding for the average person wishing to improve their upper body strength . 

 I really like the trainer and use it at least 5 times a week for 30-40 per session! Great exercise for me! 

very bit as good or better than the $2000 Monark unit I used in cardiac rehab following a double by-pass. The unit is very sturdy and provides a great upper body and shoulder workout, in addition to getting the heart pumping. Really like the baseball handles. This is a great buy. 
he customer service of this company is spectacular. They went over and beyond what I could ask for when there was something left out of what I ordered. I would recommend them to anyone. 

The "Therapy Trainer Hand Cycle" arrived in good condition was easy to put together and has worked better than I expected. The unit does allow me to be able to get some cardio-exercise since I have multiple leg, hip and back issues and frees me to work out when I have time. Setup and use is very easy and other than being careful to not overstress upward while using the unit it does not move. 

quality product that works well 

The handcycle got damaged during shipping but they sent a new one out, no questions asked. Great customer service. Very happy with the company and the product. 

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