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TherapyTrainer Home Gym Package
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TherapyTrainer Home Gym Package
Grasp the Multi-Grip handle palm down and pedal equal distance and time in both the forward and reverse pedal motion.Grasp the Muti-Grip handle palm in and pedal in equal time and distance in forward and reverse pedal motion.Grasp the Muti-Grip handle palm up, pedal in equal time and distance in forward and reverse pedal motion.Stand facing the side of the Trainer, reach out and grasp the pedal in a comfortable position.  Pedal in both forward and reverse in equal distance.Put your arm straight out from the side of your body.  Grasp the Multi-Grip handle and pedal the bike with one arm in a circular motion.  Remember to pedal in both the forward and reverse motion.
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The TherapyTrainer Home Gym Package is perfect for anyone who wants Upper and Lower body work out system at home.  It comes with the TherapyTrainer HandCycle and Sport Stand AND it comes with Quick Release that allow you to turn the HandCycle into a mini pedlar!  

The TherapyTrainer HandCycle is the perfect upper-body trainer. The bike offers smooth adjustable magnetic resistance in both the forward and reverse direction. The TherapyTrainer has more than twice the resistance range of other portable upper body trainers on the market. The TherapyTrainer is quiet, durable and will give you a complete upper body workout. The Multi-Grip Ergo Handles provide users with the ability to target multiple upper body muscles groups during workouts, simply by changing the position of their hands on the handles. The Multi-Grip Ergo Handles also provide the user with a more comfortable grip. The handles fit the natural arches of the hand for a more natural grasp pattern.

Remove the Cycle from the stand, attatch the Legs and the foot pedals and you have a TherapyCycle!  

The cycle
 is the highest-quality mini exercise bike available. You won't find a better bike in the same price range. 

Magnetic Resistance - The vast majority of mini cycles use friction resistance. This often leads to jerky pedal motion that can be hard on your joints and tendons. Our bikes use magnetic resistance for ultra-smooth pedal motion in both directions. 

The Sport Stand sets up and breaks down in minutes.  It's durable and portable.  

The Cincinnati Reds have their pitchers on them everyday.  The San Francisco 49'ers use the TherapyTrainer HandCycle to provide their quarterbacks with a more comprehensive pre-game warm-up. Their Sports Trainers use the HandCycle in their training room for strengthening and rehabilitation of shoulders and rotator cuffs.  

Here is what Mississippi State Baseball Trainer had to say...

"Often times relief pitchers get tired from throwing to much in the bullpen before they get into the game.  I think a great benefit to the TherapyTrainer is that a pitcher can keep his arm warm and moving in the bullpen and he wouldn't have to actually throw any pitches."

"Doing the TherapyTrainer in reverse can be a good way for baseball players to gain strength and endurance in the posterior shoulder muscles."

"I have used the TherapyTrainer as a way to warm up the shoulders before doing rehab and also as a cool down exercise for after throwing in a game.  I plan on using the TherapyTrainer for conditioning our starting pitchers after they throw this spring."

We tested the Multi-Grip Ergo Handles with Physical and Occupational Therapists. Here are just a couple comments we've received from them...

"I feel that the baseball grips have allowed me to be more creative with treatment options using gentle resistance with patients recovering from shoulder surgeries."

"Placing the hands of patients who are survivors of spinal cord injuries in ergonomically correct positions around the ball grips has enhanced their neurological recovery and improved self esteem in those without grasp patterns."  Kristy, Hope Rehabilitation Center

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Michael Peck and I am a government contract employee serving as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the Musculoskeletal Action Team (MAT) at Ft Sill, OK; my team works primarily with the AIT students and cadre of 1/78 FA. We purchased three of the Therapy Trainer Hand Cycles for our soldiers to use for rehabilitative purposes and we have had nothing but good comments and results while using these devices.

Most of our injuries are lower extremity in nature and these Hand Cycles enable a soldier to get a decent cardio workout without stressing newly injured body parts. It has really served us well with those soldiers that have lower extremity stress fractures as they are extremely limited in performing lower body rehab exercises, including stationary biking. This machine also enables those rehabilitating upper body injuries to work on range of motion (ROM) and at varying angles with the baseball hand grips. Furthermore, the tension can be set very easily by an individual depending if they’re working on strength, endurance or ROM.

Some people may look at this device in a catalog, see the low price, and think, “This must not work too well or it must fall apart quickly.” You couldn’t be any further from the truth! These Hand Cycles are sturdy, heavy, and have rubber feet that help keep it from sliding around. They also have a device attached to it that measures speed, distance, time, and calories burned. We have had ours for a few months and use them almost every day of the week and have had no problems with them. I would put this Hand Cycle up against any $2000-5000 UBE anytime. Think about it, you could buy several of these for the price of one UBE, which means you can work more people at once; all you need is the table space. This is an excellent product regardless of the price!


Michael W. Peck MS, LAT, ATC

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