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  • Multi-Grip Ergo Hand Pedals offer multiple hand positions – allows a user to specifically target multiple muscle groups
  • Multi-Grip Ergo Handles fit the natural grasp pattern of the hand – a more comfortable and less strain on the hand and wrist
  • Physical and Occupational therapists recommend this Hand Cycle for anyone with grasping issues
  • Perfect for day to day exercise and upper body rehab
  • Smooth and silent highest quality magnetic resistance  with more than twice the magnetic resistance commonly - Magnetic resistance both forward and reverse pedal motion
  • Commercial Grade - Compact and portable


The TherapyTrainer HandCycle is the perfect mini-exerciser upper body ergometer. The cycle offers smooth, silent, and adjustable magnetic resistance in both the forward and reverse pedal motion. The TherapyTrainer has more than twice the resistance range of other portable upper body erg-ometers on the market. The TherapyTrainer HandCycle is quiet, durable and will give you a complete upper body workout. The Multi-Grip Ergo Handles provide users with the ability to specifically target multiple upper body muscle groups during workouts simply by changing the position of the user’s hands on the hand pedals. The Multi-Grip Ergo Handles also provide the user with a more comfortable grip. The handles fit the natural grasp pattern of the hand.

The TherapyTrainer HandCycle can be found in the training rooms of the Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, LA Dodgers and the University of Alabama for pre-game warm-up, daily strength training, and rehab for injuries. The TherapyTrainer HandCycle has proven to be an essential exercise and physical therapy tool for wheelchair bound clients.