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  • Highest quality, smooth, silent, powerful, wide range magnetic resistance in both forward and reverse pedal motion
  • Commercial grade – recommended by doctors and physical therapists
  • Smaller spindle radius is easier on the joints
  • Pedals with finger groves for hand pedaling
  • Digital display shows speed, distance, time and calories


 The TherapyCycle is the highest-quality mini exercise arm and leg exerciser. 

Magnetic Resistance – Our cycles use magnetic resistance for ultra-smooth and silent bi-directional pedal motion. Pedaling in reverse helps to build strength in the muscles that help us get up and down out of chairs, in and out of cars, and up and down stairs.

The TherapyCycle is used in physical therapy clinics and hospitals for knee rehab and knee replacement patients.   Commonly sold to hospitals, physical therapy clinics, nursing homes, VA hospitals and clinics, and chiropractic offices.

Commercial grade components – We only use the highest quality magnets for longer durability.  It won’t wear out and we guarantee it with a full one-year warranty. 

Wider pedal resistance - Most bikes have a max pedal resistance of 100 Watts, not enough for most people. The TherapyCycle pedal resistance adjusts from nearly nothing to about 170 Watts. 

We offer personal customer service.  We encourage users to call us directly for tips or with any questions.