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TherapyTrainer TherapyCycle   $189.00   Now on Sale $179.00


  • Highest quality, smooth, silent, powerful, wide range magnetic resistance in both forward and reverse pedal motion


  • Commercial grade – recommended by physical and occupational physical therapists


  • Smaller spindle radius is easier on the joints


  • Pedals come with finger groves for hand pedaling




The TherapyCycle is the highest-quality mini exercise arm and leg exerciser.

Magnetic Resistance – Our cycles use magnetic resistance for ultra-smooth and silent bi-directional pedal motion. Pedaling in reverse helps to build strength in the muscles that help us get up and down out of chairs, in and out of cars, and up and down stairs.

Commercial grade components – We only use the highest quality magnets for longer durability. It won’t wear out and we guarantee it with a one-year warranty.

Wider pedal resistance - Most bikes have a max pedal resistance of 100 Watts, not enough for most people. The TherapyCycle pedal resistance adjusts from nearly nothing to about 170 Watts.

We encourage users to call us directly for tips or with any questions.



Mizshutterbug wrote this about her TherapyCycle

"I researched and researched before making this purchase. Am so happy I chose this model. It arrived fast and was a breeze to put together. I can use it with a pillow behind my back and sit in my recliner, read or watch TV and pedal away. I am using a light tension to start as I have bad knees. Pedaled 55 minutes the first day and it was a pleasure! I am pedaling now as I type this review on my phone. Ultra quiet, smooth gears, great digital readout. I highly recommend this cycle to anyone browsing for one. You will not be disappointed. I love mine."

TherapyCycle Optional Accessories  

Medical Level Foot Pedals

  • These foot pedals are used in physical therapy offices, assisted living facilities or nursing homes.
  • They are designed for patients who, for medical reasons, cannot keep their feet in standard pedals.
  • Each pedal has adjustable Velcro heel and toe straps.
  • The patient should wear shoes and socks when using these pedals.
  • We also recommend using the 22-inch wide Adjustable Leg accessory for clients who have a difficulty pedaling the bike.

$79.00 pair

22" Adjustable Leg

  • Improves the stability of the MagneTrainer.
  • The 22-inch wide base eliminates side-to-side rocking.
  • It raises the front of the bike by 4 inches. This prevents front-to-back rocking.
  • Highly recommended for use in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or physical therapy offices where the patient has difficulty pedaling correctly.
  • You don't need this leg if you use the bike as described in the manual.





Therapy Stand

  • Easily adjust the Cycle height to anywhere between 12 and 46 inches
  • Sturdy steel construction;
  • Excellent for arm and leg exercises
  • 1 year warranty
  • Wheelchair accessible; includes tether straps for wheelchairs that do not have locking wheels

Easily set the cycle to exactly the height you want. Set it chest high for an excellent arm workout. Set it on the floor to exercise your legs. Use it with a chair or a wheelchair. Commercial strength; will hold up to use in hospitals, physical therapy clinics. Excellent for home use.

**TherapyCycle and TherapyTrainer HandCycle both sold separately**