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TherapyTrainer Sports Stand

TherapyTrainer Sports Stand

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  • Portable Stand - Sets up and breaks down easily
  • Sturdy, stable, built to withstand travel
  • Easily adjusts to the preferred height of multiple users

The TherapyTrainer Sport Stand is sturdy and stable.  Specifically built to withstand traveling.  The stand will break down and fit inside of a baseball equipment bag.  

The sport stand is quickly becoming the most valuable piece of equipment for sports teams.  Whether traveling with it or using it on the home field, the TherapyTrainer Sports Stand combined with the HandCycle is an essential tool for athletes. 



Here is what Mississippi State Baseball Trainer had to say...

"Often times relief pitchers get tired from throwing to much in the bullpen before they get into the game.  I think a great benefit to the TherapyTrainer is that a pitcher can keep his arm warm and moving in the bullpen and he wouldn't have to actually throw any pitches."

"Doing the TherapyTrainer in reverse can be a good way for baseball players to gain strength and endurance in the posterior shoulder muscles."

"I have used the TherapyTrainer as a way to warm up the shoulders before doing rehab and also as a cool down exercise for after throwing in a game.  I plan on using the TherapyTrainer for conditioning our starting pitchers after they throw this spring."